Blaze Benchmark

The family & I visited the Fresno Flats Historic Village and Park in Oakhurst Ca.  We were given a personal tour by the resident docent who showed us the blacksmith shop, the print shop, various barns and homes, and other local artifacts.  One of the items on display on the outside of one of the buildings was a United Stated Geological Survey benchmark set in 1920.  The mark was set in a blaze in a tree, which closed over time.  When the tree fell (or was removed), the remnants of the benchmark were salvaged and put on display.

Oak Tree Blaze Benchmark - Elevation carving.
Oak Tree Blaze Benchmark description.
Oak Tree Blaze Benchmark description with the blaze (left) and reverse (right).
Oak Tree Blaze Benchmark - A metal tag had been fastened to the tree to identify the benchmark.  The tag was overgrown by the treebark, and this imprint was left.
Imprint image reversed and enhanced.
Oak Tree Blaze Benchmark - The benchmark elevation was carved into the exposed tree.  The carving was overgrown by the treebark, and this imprint was left.
Elevation carving image reversed and enhanced.

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Kurt Luebke said...

This is a very cool find Kevin. I didn't know you had this blog post running. I am going to check it out more as I get time. Thanks for posting!