Property Corner - J.A. Ross, L.S.2229

This post is not about a benchmark, but about a surveyor, and a property corner.

J.A. Ross was a prominent surveyor in and around the Fresno County area for nearly 60 years during the 20th Century.  In August of 1914, it was announced that he had been appointed Chief Deputy Engineer for the City of Fresno.  He went on to have his own Civil Engineering & Surveying firm which closed in December of 1968.  Afterward, he continued to work as the City Engineer for the cities of Firebaugh & Mendota in west Fresno County.

As a surveyor he performed many boundary surveys, recorded many maps, and set many property corners.  I found one recently.

At a house in Clovis, Ca., there is a wooden fence post at the corner of two chain link fences.
A wood post at the corner of two chain link fences.
Closer inspection showed something to be stuck in the top of the wood post.
Something stuck in the top of the wood post.
A nail and tag had been set in the top of the wood post to monument the property corner.  The tag was stamped L.S.2229.
J.A.Ross tag set on top of the wood post.
J.A.Ross tag detail.
The property owner told me that his father had removed a wood fence and installed the chain link fence in the early 1970s.  He never knew why his father hadn't removed the wooden fence post.  The post was there for more than just the fence, it was there as a property corner.

Considering J.A. Ross closed his private surveying business in 1968, this nail and tag would have been set sometime prior to that, meaning that it's nearly 50 years old.  Considering how exposed to the public and the elements this post is, and the tag on top of it are, it is in remarkably good condition.

A great find.