1/64th Section Corner

This is the monument for a Public Lands Survey System (PLSS) 1/64th corner located along Palmer Avenue, north of Coalinga, Calif.  It is specifically the marker to monument the South corner of the Southwest quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 2, Township 19 South, Range 15 East, Mount Diablo Base and Meridian, as identified on the cap.  The other markings at the bottom of the cap, "JAT 1930" are the initials of the setting surveyor and the year he set the monument.

The monument is a 3" steel pipe set up 6", in a concrete filled 6" steel pipe set up 3" from the ground.  It is quite stable.

Monument for a 1/64th corner of Section 2, T.19S., R.15E., M.D.B.&M., "JAT 1930" is the initials of the setting surveyor and the date the monument was set.

Monument detail.  A galvanized pipe cap set on a 3" iron pipe, set in a concrete filled 6" iron pipe, up 10".  This was intended to be a permanent monument.