Local Benchmark Lists

There are many local agencies in my area (and around the world actually) which have published lists and databases of their local benchmark loops.  However, the term "published" means different things to different agencies and jurisdictions.  It is often defined by the scope of the benchmark system, and the budget that the agency has to maintain their database, regardless of how complex it may be.  As such, some agencies publish their benchmark database online with an interactive GIS.  Other agencies may only keep a handwritten list and "publishing" said list is an act involving a Xerox machine.  Most agencies are somewhere in between.

For example, the City of Fresno has a searchable, online database, that lists the benchmarks by street.  It is not GIS based, but it's easy to use and plenty functional for those who use it.  The County of Fresno, on the other hand, maintains its database using an internal Access DataBase file.  It is not published online, but they will give copies of the most current database file to those who ask.  Most smaller communities just keep short lists and send them out to those who request them.

I've recently added some of the benchmark lists I have, and routinely use, to this blog in the form of a page titled "BMark Lists".  Look for the tab above, or click HERE.


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