GT1265 - V 670 RESET

County: TULARE

Lat: 36° 32.733
Long: 119° 23.883
Alt: 334.7
Designation: V 670 RESET
Marker Type: bench mark disk
Setting: light structures
Stability: Mark of questionable or unknown stability.

Lat: 36° 32.742
Long: 119° 23.925
Alt: NA

Found it at 13:45, 05 December 2002. Found as described and in good condition.

Original coordinates (NAD83) off by about 210 feet when in WGS84 mode. WGS84 coordinates found by 5 minute occupation with 7 strong satellites and 1 WAAS satellite.

The benchmark and the GPSr.

The benchmark in its headwall setting on the Alta Irrigation Ditch.

The view southeast looking at the drop gate down the ditch. The railroad tracks are paralleling the ditch at the left of the picture.

The view north of the drop gate and the railroad signals in El Monte Way.


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