County: MADERA

Lat: 37° 00.081
Long: 119° 44.064
Alt: 513
Designation: FRIANT
Marker Type: triangulation station disk
Setting: set into the top of a round concrete monument
Stability: May hold, but of type commonly subject to surface motion.

Lat: 37° 00.082
Long: 119° 44.068
Alt: NA

Found it at 08:10, 27 October 2002. Found it as described and in good condition. It was found in a 12 square monument, 8 up. The witness post was in place. This benchmark (along with HR0493 found 66' south) is on private property. The photos and GPS occupation were taken from the fenceline, about 10' west.

Original coordinates (NAD83) off by about 20 feet when in WGS84 mode. WGS84 coordinates found by 6 minute occupation with 8 strong satellites and 1 WAAS satellite.

The mark and witness post.

The mark and witness post with the GPSr at the fence.

View northerly towards the chicken ranch.

View easterly. The top of Millerton Dam can be seen in the distance.

The mark and witness post in relation to the fence and the road.

The view southeasterly. HR0492 can be seen in relation to HR0493, about 70 feet south.


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