GT1715 - T 1233

County: FRESNO

Lat: 36° 59.433
Long: 119° 42.783
Alt: 322.8
Designation: T 1233
Marker Type: bench mark disk
Setting: massive structures
Stability: Probably hold position/elevation well.

Lat: 36° 59.494
Long: 119° 42.793
Alt: NA

Found it at 18:10, 26 October 2002. Found it as described and in good condition. Original coordinates (NAD83) off by 300 feet when in WGS84 mode. WGS84 coordinates found by 5 minute occupation with 5 strong satellites and 1 WAAS satellite. Cap is within 3 feet of the eastbound lane of Northfork Road and the vehicles are traveling very quickly. Be careful when visiting.

Benchmark detail.

The benchmark and the GPSr.

The view westerly from the east side of the San Joaquin River. The mark is set in the walkway at the end of the bridge. The remains of the old bridge can be seen in the distance.


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