AC6105 - HPGN D CA 06 RG

County: MADERA

Lat: 36° 58.526
Long: 119° 47.626
Alt: 430
Designation: HPGN D CA 06 RG
Marker Type: survey disk
Setting: aluminum alloy rod
Stability: Probably hold position/elevation well.

Lat: 36° 58.527
Long: 119° 47.626
Alt: NA

Found it at 18:15, 21 October 2002. Found it as described and in good condition. The HPGN designation 'D CA 06 RG' was written on the witness post, but has been taped and painted over, and is difficult (almost impossible) to read.

Original coordinates (NAD83) off by only about 5 feet when in WGS84 mode. WGS84 coordinates found by 5 minute occupation with 7 strong satellites and 1 WAAS satellite.

Benchmark detail.

The benchmark in the monument well and the GPSr.

View to the southeast. The Madera Canal can be seen in the background.

View north. State Route 41 can be seen at the left and the Madera Canal to the right.


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