GU1758 - Y 662

County: FRESNO

Lat: 36° 17.783
Long: 120° 18.117
Alt: 763.2
Designation: Y 662
Marker Type: bench mark disk
Setting: set into the top of a round concrete monument
Stability: May hold, but of type commonly subject to surface motion.

Lat: 36° 17.760
Long: 120° 18.125
Alt: NA

Found it as described and in good condition, with the exception that the 'Y662' designation has been ground off. Enough history descriptions were available to verify it. Recent survey work in the area made location easy. Orange paint and flagged lath pointed right to it. About 180 feet north of the brass cap, a section corner monument known as a Scott McKay Monument can be seen. Scott McKay was the county surveyor at the first quarter of the 20th century and this is a good example of the type of monument he typically set. Original coordinates (NAD83) off by about 145 feet when in WGS84 mode. WGS84 coordinates found by 13.5 minute occupation with 4 strong satellites, 2 weak satellites and 1 WAAS satellite.

The designation was ground off but there were enough historic ties to verify the monument.

The mark and the GPSr.

The view southwesterly down State Route 33, aka The Coalinga/Mendota Highway.

The view westerly across State Route 33, aka The Coalinga/Mendota Highway.

Scott McKay Monument. Scott McKay was the elected Fresno County Surveyor in the early 1900's. This is one of the monuments he set as a section corner.

A Junior Benchmark Hunter at work.


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