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GU1166 "R677 1943"

This benchmark lies about two miles from my house. I've lived nearby for the better part of two decades and have never taken the time to adequately "find", visit, photograph, or otherwise memorialize this mark (if there is, in fact, an adequate way to do that). That changed today with a quick trip just down the road on a foggy day. While I have known about this mark for some time, the City has recently made plans to turn the adjacent peach orchard into a large City park.  These plans, as welcome as they are to the community, put the benchmark at risk of damage or destruction.  I was becoming anxious to memorialize the mark for that reason too. Located on the southeast edge of the City of Kerman, Fresno County California, this USC&GS mark lies adjacent to, and southeasterly of, the San Joaquin Valley Railroad line (formerly Southern Pacific Railroad) serving the westside of Fresno County, and on the northwesterly edge of the aforementioned peach orchard. The USC&

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